Privacy-preserving cloud and data dissemination scheme for vehicular cloud

privacy preserving cloud and dat

Cloud and data dissemination scheme for vehicular cloud

Cloud and data dissemination scheme for Vehicular cloud (VC) is a part of cloud computing to vehicles that participate in vehicular ad hoc networks, with the goal of providing computing and storage services to vehicles at a minimal price, trying to improve traffic safety and efficiency, it guarantees real-time services.

Because of the highly dynamic nature of VC, it is difficult to efficiently form a securely VC network and to securely deliver messages to the VC without potentially invading cloud users’ privacy.

The proposed work provides a concrete secure and privacy-preserving communication scheme for VC formation and data dissemination.

The proposed scheme enables a group of vehicles in close proximity to form a vehicular cloud with security authentication and dynamically.

Cloud and data dissemination scheme for vehicular cloud

Modules Used in this Project

Vehicle node deployment
Trusted Authority
Data security
Receiver model

Proposed System

Proposed system is a secure and privacy-preserving communication scheme for VC establishment and data dissemination in VC.
Specifically, this scheme allows a group of vehicles located close to each other in the VANET to form a VC securely, anonymously and dynamically.
This allows the vehicles’ resources to be integrated and shared anonymously and securely, using pseudonyms and dynamic identity based authenticated asymmetric group key agreement
In the scheme, the public key of a vehicle is its (one-time use) pseudonym. Thus, no certificate is required to bind the public key with the vehicle, and this simplifies certificate management.
The private key corresponding to the pseudonym is generated by a trusted authority based on the pseudonym of the vehicle. Using the pseudonym and the corresponding private key, each vehicle in the group can anonymously run the security protocol to form a secure VC in one round


Cloud users to send encrypted messages to the VC, and an eavesdropper is not able to learn the exchanged messages and the identities of the participants.
Privacy and Security of proposed system is ensured.

Java Project Source code implementation for Secure Vehicular Cloud

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