Artificial Intelligence Projects

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Top 30 best Artificial Intelligence projects for Final year Engineering Students

Artificial Intelligence projects is growing research area. There are many new projects explored in this area. Opencv is used as library algorithm machine learning or deep learning models. Some of the project may used pre-trained model for implementation.

Multiple face recognition with smart attendance system

Face Recognition and Emotion Detection with drowsiness detection from Web camera

Face detection along with Emotion and Drowsiness detection

Emotion and Drowsiness detection in Python

Gender detection and Emotion Detection

Security Surveillance related AI projects

Helmet Wear Detection for ATM security through Artificial Intelligence

Automatic Luggage Approval in Airport using Artificial Intelligence

Automatic License Plate detection using Artificial Intelligence

Face Mask Detection and Social Distancing detection (COVID project)

Secure banking through Eye blink password and OTP

Python application useful for college applications AI topics

College Admission Through Face recognition and AI related application

Secure Fees Management Application in Python


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Agriculture or Farmers Related Artificial Intelligence projects

Fruit Quality Classification using Image processing and Machine Learning

Fruit Stage Monitoring using Image processing and Machine learning

Mango Classification based on SVM algorithm and CNN algorithm

Plant Leaf Disease Prediction using CNN algorithm

More Artificial Intelligence Projects

Artificial Intelligence projects
Artificial Intelligence projects

Automatic test paper score detection using artificial intelligence

Handwritten Formula detection using Deep learning