Top 100+ Best Machine Learning Projects List for Final Year Engineering Students

Machine Learning projects implemented in Python Programming Source code, with TKinter Application Interface or Jupyter notebook of Anaconda can be used. We assists for Final Year Engineering students to develop their final year projects on machine learning domain with various algorithms such as Decision Tree, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, Liner Regression, Support Vector Machine and more. Add novelty to your project work with added modules like feature selection, reduction, modifying your deep learning architecture. Improve the performance of project / algorithm, has discussion with us. Python projects is best suitable for final year projects and easy to implement.

The best top 50 topics in machine learning with their implementation details are provided below.

Click of the topics to view description and project demo video

Check out Real Time/ Live data / Web Scrapped dataset Machine Learning projects

Real time data based Projects

Bitcoin Price Prediction with greater accuracy and live real time data

Cricket Match Result prediction from Live ESPN cricket dataset

Fake Review Detection from Real Yelp dataset with ML and NLP

Stock Price prediction and forecast in live data using machine learning algorithms

Cricket Team Selection using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

Check out Twitter / Social media based Machine Learning projects

Twitter based Machine Learning projects

Twitter Sentiment Analysis from Live Tweets

Twitter User Location Prediction using Machine Learning

Personality Prediction from Real time Tweets

Hate Speech Detection from Twitter data using Machine Learning

Twitter Spam Drift Detection using Machine Learning models

Women Safety Analysis based on Social media analysis using Machine Learning

Identity Deception / Spam Users detection from Social Media

Check out Disease Prediction based Machine Learning Projects

Disease prediction based machine learning projects

Heart Disease Prediction using Novel Machine Learning Algorithm

Liver Disease Prediction using Machine Learning models

Breast Cancer detection from wisconsin dataset using hybrid and fuzzy algorithm

Lung Cancer detection from dataset using Regression analysis

Diabetes detection and classification using SVM algorithm and Neural Network algorithm

Parkinson Disease prediction using multiple symptoms

More machine learning projects

More machine learning projects

Fake News Detection using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Real Estate Price Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms

Crop Prediction according for soil nature and Climate conditions with Fertilizer recommendation

Phishing Website Detection Using Feature selection and Machine Learning

Rainfall prediction and forecast using Machine Learning

Crime pattern Analysis using Machine Learning algorithms

E-commerce customer prediction using machine learning

Lyrics Mood prediction using Machine Learning

Air Pollution classification using Feature Selection and Machine Learning

Students Grade/ performance prediction using machine learning

Taxi trip prediction using machine learning

Credit card fraud detection using machine learning

Intrusion detection using machine learning algorithm

User’s Next Location prediction using machine learning algorithm


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