Top 50 Best Deep Learning Projects Idea for Final Year Engineering Students

Deep Learning projects implemented in Python Programming in Anaconda 3 with Tensorflow and Keras Libraries. The deep learning algorithms used are ANN, DNN, CNN and RNN (LSTM). Python Projects in deep learning are available with best implementation. Dataset used are images and Audio or Video for deep learning Python projects, some of the projects also used Natural Language processing and CSV dataset.

Check out Disease prediction based deep Learning Python projects

Disease prediction based deep learning projects

Brain Tumor detection using CNN algorithm

Breast Cancer Detection from Medical MRI images using Deep Learning

Lung Cancer detection from Images using CNN algorithm

Skin Disease Classification using ResNet, VGG16 and AlexNet deep learning models

Handwritten Character Recognition based deep learning project works

Handwritten recognition based deep learning project works

Handwritten Character Recognition for Digits and Alphabets using CNN algorithm

Hindi Handwritten Character Recognition using Deep learning algorithm

Gujarati Handwritten Character Recognition using Deep Learning

Handwritten Formula Recognition using Deep Learning algorithm

More deep learning topics

Best Deep Learning Projects
Deep Learning Projects

Speech Emotion Detection from Audio using Deep Learning

Face Recognition and Emotion Detection with drowsiness detection from Web camera

Human Action Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network

Traffic detection and classification using Convolutional Neural Network

Abnormal Event detection from surveillance video using LSTM model

Handwritten Character Recognition using SVM algorithm


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Deep Learning Research projects Ideas

Deep Learning Python project for research scholar are assisted by our team. We work on all deep learning algorithm such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) and more. PhD Research projects ideas are customized and talk to our team to enrich your skills in deep learning project works.