Iot based bridge safety monitoring system

In this study, an IoT-based bridge safety monitoring system is developed using the PIC microcontroller technology. This system is composed by: monitoring devices installed in the bridge environment, communication devices connecting the bridge monitoring devices and the cloud-based server, a dynamic database that stores bridge condition data and analyzes data transmitted from the monitoring devices. This system can monitor and analyze in real time the conditions of a bridge and its environment, including the bridge vibration, actuating loads on the bridge, water level and other safety conditions. The collected data is transmitted to the server and database for users to have real-time monitoring of the bridge conditions via mobile telecommunication devices.

1. PIC16F877A Microcontroller.
2. Load sensor.
3. Temperature sensor.
4. Level sensor.
5. LCD Display.
6. IOT module
7. Personal computer/Mobile phone.
1. Embedded C
2. PIC C Compiler

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