Automatic irrigation system using wireless sensor and gsm module

An automated irrigation system is developed to reduce the usage level of water and to reduce power loss in agricultural fields. The system consists of soil-moisture sensor, temperature sensor, water availability sensor, level sensor. In addition, this automated system gives the sensor information, triggering signals to the actuators and also transmits the data through SMS to the farmer. A FUZZY based algorithm is developed with set values of temperature and soil moisture and level of water that is programmed into a microcontroller-based controller system to control the usage of water. A GSM modem is used to transmit the conditions of crop along with various sensors and automatically the motor should turn ON/OFF according to the status of moisture content.

1. PIC16F877A Microcontroller.
2. Soil moisture sensor.
3. Temperature sensor.
4. Water level sensor.
5. LCD Display.
6. Relay driver
7. DC Motor.
8. GSM module
9. Mobile phone.

1. Embedded C
2. PIC C Compiler


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