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Python Topic and new ideas

Code Python Title
CPP0001 Bitcoin Price Prediction using machine learning
CPP0002 Fake news detection using vectorization and machine learning
CPP0003 Real estate price prediction using machine learning
CPP0004 Intent and Entity based chat bot as Virtual Teaching Assistant
CPP0005 Cricket match outcome prediction using machine learning
CPP0006 Crop prediction using machine learning algorithm
CPP0007 Multiple face recognition using machine learning and OpenCV
CPP0008 Handwritten character recognition using machine learning
CPP0009 Handwritten Character recognition using deep learning
CPP0010 Hindi Handwritten character recognition using Deep learning
CPP0011 Gujarati Handwritten Character recognition using Deep learning
CPP0012 Heart disease prediction using machine learning
CPP0013 Liver disease prediction using Neural networks
CPP0014 Phishing website Detection using machine learning
CPP0015 Rainfall prediction using machine learning
CPP0016 Twitter sentiment Analysis using machine learning algorithm
CPP0017 Student grade prediction using machine learning
CPP0018 Personality prediction from twitter data using machine learning
CPP0019 Abnormal event detection in video using Spatiotemporal Autoencoder
CPP0020 Authorship Attribution prediction using machine learning
CPP0021 Automatic form filling using Optical character recognition (OCR)
CPP0022 Breast Cancer detection from wisconsin data using Fuzzy KNN and hybrid algorithm
CPP0023 Content based image retrieval using Kmeans and Kmeans B+ tree algorithm
CPP0024 Automatic Luggage approval in Airports using Object detection and image processing
CPP0025 Cricket Team Selection using Data Envelopment Analysis
CPP0026 Crime Pattern Analysis and prediction using machine learning
CPP0027 E-commerce customer prediction using machine learning
CPP0028 Emotion detection from Audio using Convolution neural networks
CPP0029 Context Analysis of Enron email database
CPP0030 Helmet Wear detection for ATM’s security using Object detection and Image processing
CPP0031 Hepatisis B detection using machine learning algorithm
CPP0032 Intrusion detection using machine learning algorithm
CPP0033 Kannada text Summarization
CPP0034 Location prediction from twitter using machine learning algorithm
CPP0035 Lyrics mood prediction using machine learning algorithm
CPP0036 Movie recommendation using collaborative filtering
CPP0037 User’s Next Location prediction using machine learning algorithm
CPP0038 Object detection, tracking and alert system for visually impaired persons
CPP0039 Parkinson disease prediction using machine learning
CPP0040 SMS spam detection using Recurrent Neural Networks
CPP0041 Realization of Test Paper Score Cumulating System Based On Digital Image Processing
CPP0042 Stock price prediction and forecast using machine learning
CPP0043 Taxi trip time prediction using machine learning
CPP0044 Youtube Video recommendation through collaborative filtering
CPP0045 Action recognition using deep learning
CPP0046 Cardiac Arrhythmia detection using machine learning
CPP0047 Secure banking through Eye blink password and OTP
CPP0048 Blood cell classification using CNN algorithm
CPP0049 Brain tumour detection using CNN algorithm
CPP0050 Breast cancer detection from MRI images through deep learning
CPP0051 Automatic College Admission process through face recognition and Support Chatbot
CPP0052 Face emotion detection and drowsiness detection from Real time webcam video
CPP0053 Travel’s Security through Face Recognition and Face emotion Detection and drowsiness detection from Real time webcam video
CPP0054 Gender and Face emotion prediction from Real time webcam video
CPP0055 Text categorisation though expectation maximization algorithm
CPP0056 Air pollution category prediction using machine learning
CPP0057 Bitcoin price prediction through CNN and LSTM models
CP0058 Diabetes prediction using SVM and DNN algorithm
CPP0059 Digital data forgetting-An efficient feature selection through KNN, PCA and Auto encoders
CPP0060 Fake review detection from restaurant reviews
CPP0061 Fake news detection from Telugu data
CPP0062 Analyzing Road Accident using Frequent Item mining
CPP0063 Frequent pattern mining from water quality data
CPP0064 Hate Speech detection on Twitter through machine learning and NLP
CPP0065 Heart disease detection using hybrid algorithm
CPP0066 Hindi Audio indexing and retrieval
CPP0067 Hospital stay prediction and better bed handling using machine learning
CPP0068 Identity Deception identification from social media
CPP0069 Landslide prediction using machine learning
CPP0070 License plate detection and number recognition
CPP0071 Lung cancer detection using machine learning from dataset
CPP0073 Lung cancer detection using MRI through CNN algorithm
CPP0074 Mental Disorder prediction through machine learning
CPP0075 Robust malware prediction from IoT device dataset through deep learning algorithm
CPP0076 Sentiment Analysis using LSTM and BiLSTM models
CPP0077 Skin disease classification using CNN algorithm
CPP0078 Speech recognition and Text classification for Youtube Audio
CPP0079 Speech Anxiety and depression detection for Child using MFCC and SVM
CPP0080 Spotify Song’s like and dislike prediction for user using machine learning
CPP0081 Tamil Speech recognition using MFCC and LPC techniques
CPP0082 Telugu Summarizer
CPP0083 Traffic detection and Classification from Image and Video using Deep learning
CPP0084 Audi Translation from Telugu to English, Indexing and retrieval
CPP0085 Traffic signal Control using SUMO simulation
CPP0086 Distributed Deep learning System for Security Analysis from URLS
CPP0087 Women’s Safety analysis from social media by state wise in India