Trust Based Secure Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks

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There is a growing need for secure and robust networks that function in austere environments or with nodes that have limited resources. The prime example is Delay Tolerant Networks that have military, first response, infrastructure failure and vehicle applications. This class of networks requires the modification of traditional routing and security protocols, such as TCP/IP or the use of certificate revocation servers, to effectively transmit a message from source to destination in a secure manner. There are multiple trust and routing schemes proposed for use in Delay Tolerant Networks. Here, we show how trust, usually defined in the context of network science, can be utilized for routing in Delay Tolerant Networks in which the fundamental challenge is balancing energy, delivery rate, delivery delay and security. Trust is a cornerstone of our approach to address this challenge. We propose a Trust Based Secure Routing Protocol, in which forwarding decisions are based on nodes trust, expected destination meeting time and the number of already created copies of the message.

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