Flexible Data Access Control based on Trust and Reputation in Cloud Computing

Nowadays cloud computing is gaining more essential cue its abundant services in data storage and retrieval. Individuals and institutions seeks cloud server as a storage medium to reduce their storage burden under local devices. As the cloud service providers are considered to be untrusted, users generally store their crucial data in an encrypted form. Data need to be accessed by other entities for fulfilling an expected service, e.g., an eHealth service. Controlling persona and sensitive data from cloud is critical. Thus it is necessary to propose an efficient model to provide data access control on cloud data. Though many existing system studied the data access in various techniques. There is no work available based on user’s trust level, they still lacks a practical solution to control cloud data access based on trust and reputation. Trust plays an important role in data sharing. Proposed work, efficiently handles data access in cloud computing based on trust evaluated by the data owner and/or reputations generated by a number of reputation centers in a flexible manner by applying Attribue-Based Encryption and Proxy Re-Encryption. Context-aware trust and reputation evaluation is used in order to support various control scenarios and strategies.

Java Demo

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