Energy-efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines

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Energy-efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines

Web search engines are composed by thousands of query processing nodes, i.e., servers dedicated to process user queries. Such many servers consume a significant amount of energy, mostly accountable to their CPUs, but they are necessary to ensure low latencies, since users expect sub-second response times . However, users can hardly notice response times that are faster than their expectations. Hence, we propose the Predictive Energy Saving Online Scheduling Algorithm (PESOS ) to select the most appropriate CPU frequency to process a query on a per-core basis. PESOS aims at process queries by their deadlines, and leverage high-level scheduling information to reduce the CPU energy consumption of a query processing node.

Web mining technique involved

  • Specific query is given and search through Google API for mining we pages
  • Get relevant query results from web mining
  • Energy efficient query processing is handled to reduce energy consumption and query latency

Java Demo

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