An Efficient Distributed Trust Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

Trust models have been recently suggested as an effective security mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Considerable research has been done on modeling trust. However, most current research works only take communication behavior into account to calculate sensor nodes’ trust value, which is not enough for trust evaluation due to the widespread malicious attacks. An Efficient Distributed Trust Model (EDTM) is proposed for WSNs. First, according to the number of packets received by sensor nodes, direct trust and recommendation trust are selectively calculated. Then, communication trust, energy trust and data trust are considered during the calculation of direct trust. Furthermore, trust reliability and familiarity are defined to improve the accuracy of recommendation trust. The proposed EDTM can evaluate trustworthiness of sensor nodes more precisely and prevent the security breaches more effectively. Simulation results show that EDTM outperforms other similar models, e.g., NBBTE trust model.

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