E2R2: Energy-Efficient and Reliable Routing for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks





Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are resource constrained. Energy is one of the most important resources in such networks. Therefore, optimal use of energy is necessary. A novel energy-efficient routing protocol is proposed for WSNs. The protocol is reliable in terms of data delivery at the base station (BS). Mobility in sensor nodes and in the BS is considered. The proposed protocol is hierarchical and cluster based. Each cluster consists of one cluster head (CH) node, two deputy CH nodes, and some ordinary sensor nodes. The re-clustering time and energy requirements have been minimized by introducing the concept of CH panel. At the initial stage of the protocol, the BS selects a set of probable CH nodes and forms the CH panel. Considering the reliability aspect of the protocol, it puts best effort to ensure a specified throughput level at the BS. Depending on the topology of the network, the data transmission from the CH node to the BS is carried out either directly or in multihop fashion. Moreover, alternate paths are used for data transmission between a CH node and the BS

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