Distributed resource allocation for multi-cell relay-aided OFDMA systems

Technology Used: Java

An efficient resource allocation (RA) scheme is proposed for downlink of relay-aided orthogonal frequency division multiple access systems. To mitigate excessive computational complexity of the centralized RA where the base station (BS) is responsible for resource allocation of the entire cell, a distributed RA strategy is taken with which each relay station (RS) and BS perform resource allocation for their respective receivers by themselves. The proposed RA scheme is composed of two parts, RS resource allocation (RS-RA) and BS resource allocation (BS-RA). Considering that multiple RSs compete for radio resource in a distributive manner, design the RS-RA scheme according to non-cooperative game framework. The proposed RS-RA scheme aims at allocating less resource to two-hop transmission via RS so that more resource can be used for one-hop (direct) transmission. This RA strategy greatly heightens the system performance. To devise a heuristic RA scheme that can lower the computational complexity further with much smaller reporting overhead and also suggest an iterative algorithm that can easily implement the proposed RA scheme.


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