Design of an IOT based autonomous vehicle with the aid of computer vision

Design of an iot based autonomous vehicle with the aid of computer vision

The project aims to build an IOT Based Autonomous Vehicle with the Aid of Computer vision using a PIC microcontroller. An RF camera along with sensors and actuating devices is used to control the vehicle movements. The Vehicle is capable of reaching the given destination safely and intelligently thus avoiding the risk of human errors. Many existing algorithms like obstacle detection, search and rescue and other facilities are combined together to provide the necessary control to the vehicle. With the help of the commands given over the internet with online video streaming in a monitor, the vehicle can be controlled for various applications.
1. PIC16F877A Microcontroller.
2. Ultrasonic sensor.
3. DC motors.
4. LASER gun.
5. Battery.
6. RF camera.
7. IOT Module.
8. Personal computer/Mobile phone.
1. Embedded C
2. PIC C Compiler

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