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We guide you on Journal Publication in National and International Journal Publication.

We will provide you guidance on publishing your documents in National and International Journals.

We guide you on New research Topic / New Research Area

We assist you on PHD project guidance.

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We can provide Bulk  Projects for companies.

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We are offering final year projects in java, dotnet, Ns2

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7 Thoughts to “Contact Us”

  1. varadhan

    will u do the projects for the topic wat we suggest,will u do the ph.d projects,whats the cost for doing?

  2. Suresh

    Dear Sir/Mam

    Need Final year Documentation for Computer Science
    This is a discussion on Need Final year Documentation for Computer Science within the Final Year Projects forums, part of the Campus Forum; Hello, I m doing my final year project. I need ………..

  3. kingstar

    Dear Sir/Mam

    I need cloud computing data security and transmission security project on cloud can tell how much will it cost.

  4. Naveen

    cost of this project for single person
    catching packet droppers and modifiers in wireless sensor networks



  6. Nitesh

    Dear sir/ mam
    I’m doing my final year project in group key agreement with local connectivity . Could you help in doing it , i need assistance in this.

  7. Rahul

    I am doing my final year project in LED control and automation.In it,I have to implement the algorithm of Location based Authorization for Lighting Control.A user who will be present nearest to a particular LED will be control to control that LED.

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