A Novel Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Wireless sensor network is becoming a progressively Important and challenging research area. Advancement in WSN enable a wide range of environmental monitoring and object tracking system. Wireless sensor networks consists of small low cost sensor nodes, having a limited transmission range and their processing, storage capabilities and energy resources are limited. We consider energy constrained wireless sensor network deployed over a region. The main task of such a network is to gather information from node and transmit it to base station for further processing. Generally, it needs a fixed amount of energy to receive one bit of information and an additional amount of energy to transmit the same. This additional amount depends on the transmission range. So, if all nodes transmit directly to the BS, then they will quickly deplete their energy. To
perform routing in wireless sensor network with this limitation of low power, energy and storage capabilities is a major problem. Many solutions has been proposed where energy awareness is essential consideration for routing. The LEACH, PEGASIS, GROUP, Ant colony optimization etc has provided elegant solutions and has shown very effective results. In this paper, we have proposed a Particle Swarm Optimization based Routing protocol (PSOR ) where we have taken energy efficiency as major criteria for performing routing and deriving optimized path for data forwarding and processing to base node. The PSOR generates a whole new path of
routing by taking energy as fitness value to judge different path and choose best optimized path whose energy consumption is less as compared to other routing paths.

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